ZooMax Vetelev

The ZooMax Vetelev Radiographic System is an alternative configuration to our popular ZooMax Gold system with additional flexibility and comfort owing to our new Vetelev veterinary elevating radiographic table.

Key Features  (Vetelev Table)

  • Simplified and cost-conscious version of our popular Phoenix medical patient tables;
  • It easily lifts over 100 kg and has a vertical movement of 36 cm;
  • The table is fitted with wired foot pedals but we also offer a wireless option;
  • Delivered with a floating table top which can be further extended. This provides substantial freedom of positioning;
  • Integrated crash guard sensors ensure safe operation;
  • Vetelev features a grid cabinet for standard cassette sized wifi or fixed DR panels and can be configured for either fixed or removable grids.

ZooMax Vetelev


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