The ZooMax 2 is a brand new veterinary radiographic system. Its design, technical characteristics, durability and versatility will ensure that this system is as reliable an equipment as its predecessor.

Medical quality components

  • Space-saving design
  • Rounded edges
  • Fast and easy assembly
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • ZooMax 2 Tube Stand

Fixed position, fixed X-ray tube with 100 cm (40”) source-image distance (SID)

  • Convenient cm markers to assist exposure parameter setting
  • Free-standing setup for total positioning freedom
  • Equipment plugs into regular electrical outlet

ZooMax 2 Radiographic Table

  • Powerful, noiseless mechanical brakes
  • Smooth-surface, clip-on floating tabletop
  • Easy, push-open access to high-frequency generator in table housing
  • Ergonomic foot pedal to float tabletop and to serve as collimator light switch
  • Integrated Grid Cabinet for fixed or removable DR Panels and Grid

Selection of Consoles

  • 22” Touchscreen Monitor Console to set exposure parameters and for full image capture and analysis
  • 10” LCD console – integrated into X-ray tube cradle – to set exposure parameters, featuring:
  • slim, modern User Interface
  • customizable main page and workflow
  • buttons (e.g. APR, grid control, focus, etc.)
  • remote diagnostics and software updates
  • easy installation

ZooMax LC or CPI Rad membrane consoles with comfort of all key generator parameter settings, including APRs and advanced controls such as:

  • AEC
  • Powerful Operation
  • Full power 32 to 50 kW high frequency generators
  • Stored energy generators (up to 50 kW power) for single phase use

System is also available with removable 2.8 to 5 kW monoblock generator for clinical and in-field applications Input line voltage:

  • 1x230V or 1x110V (15A) for stored energy generators
  • 3x230V / 3x400V for three-phase generators

ZooMax 2


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