The System detects up to three isotopes simultaneously

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GammaPRO® - Wireless Gamma Detection System

Explore the latest and highly advanced Wireless Sentinel Lymph Node Localization Technology. With its modern design, high sensitivity, and best-in-class detection, the GammaPRO system can easily fulfill the needs in every clinical application for open and laparoscopic surgeries.

Designed to Help Resolve the Toughest Challenges of Radio-Guided Surgical Procedures


GammaPRO® system helps to improve surgical precision by locating and discriminating radiolabeled tissue even in the most complex cases. Its high sensitivity, particularly in procedures with low dose of radiotracer or deep nodes, can enable you to find your target with greater certainty and without the need for a collimator.


With its exceptional spatial resolution, dynamic response time, and intuitive software, the GammaPRO system helps to provide precise directional guidance during operation. It can detect up to 9 isotopes and measure 3 simultaneously.


With 15+ hours of battery life and reliable Bluetooth connection, the GammaPRO System is always ready when you need it. Plus, it can be easily transportable in its lightweight briefcase or with a custom mobile cart.

The GammaPRO Wireless Gamma Detection System includes highly advanced, clinically relevant technical features, helping to solve the biggest challenges of Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy.  Through reliable Bluetooth connection, the GammaPRO allows medical professionals easy mobility throughout their procedures.

The System detects up to three isotopes simultaneously, has low latency, exceptional sensitivity, and directional guidance to help discriminate between two close points. GammaPRO's 12.2" touchscreen medical-grade tablet allows for an intuitive and user-friendly experience.

GammaPRO's software has the following features:

  • Works with 9 different isotopes: Tc99, I125, Co57, In111, Lu177, I131, I123, F18, Ga68
  • Average and maximum peak of activity for all active isotopes
  • Configurable activity scale (auto or manual)
  • Node labelling and session export
  • Double and triple isotope acquisition
  • Configurable acoustic mode: binary and continuous



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